Guitar technicians, commonly known as guitar techs, work with musicians, bands, and musical acts to set up and maintain the guitars, and occasionally amplifiers and effects pedals for live concerts and performances. They ensure that both electric and acoustic guitars work properly and respond to any technical needs on stage as well as off stage.

GUITAR TECHNICIAN – Program Overview

In this program, the student will learn to build, repair, and diagnose issues from everything including instruments, amps, and pedals, to the signal flow of the pedalboard, cabling, and more.


Program Features

  • Learn to set up, repair, and properly care for a variety of stringed instruments.
  • Work directly with a variety of world-class industry professionals.
  • Build your very own custom guitar.
  • Learn paint prep and finishing techniques.
  • Learn how to wind your own pickups.
  • Learn about different woods and tones.
  • Build your very own custom tube amp.
  • Build a variety of custom pedals.
  • Learn soldering techniques.
  • Learn to troubleshoot real-world problems with the equipment.
  • Learn the concepts of sound creation and manipulation to create personalized sounds and or settings.
  • Learn the technical aspects of the circuits that create the sounds.
  • Learn the relevance of signal flow.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Cable making and troubleshooting.
  • Alternate tunings and unique instrument tuning/maintenance.
  • Job placement assistance.

Program Schedule and Pricing


Program Length 12 Consecutive Weeks (Tues – Thurs)
Program Date(s) February 14th – May 4th, 2023
Program Cost $7,000



Program Length 12 Consecutive Weeks (Tues – Thurs)
Program Date(s) May 30th – August 17th, 2023
Program Cost $7,000


FALL 2022

Program Length 12 Consecutive Weeks (Tues – Thurs)
Program Date(s) August 30th – November 17th, 2022
Program Cost $7,000