El Camino School is a Music and Technology-based Trade School located in Orlando, Florida that offers a wide variety of programs, courses, services, and events. One of the main focuses at El Camino School is providing hands-on learning courses for Musicians and Hobbyists, as well as Guitar Technician Development for those seeking a career in the Music Industry. The school’s primary objective is to impart knowledge to those seeking to deepen their appreciation of their instrument as well as further their understanding, careers, or hobbies in a professional, safe, and inclusive environment.
The school aims to educate current and aspiring musicians on how (and WHY) their instruments and equipment work, and how music is created before the artists even strike a string. This includes everything under the surface in creating music, from guitar circuitry to the inner workings of a guitar amp or effects pedals. Musicians that understand how it all works are more likely to succeed in their craft.
School president and founder John Theisen, a longtime Professional Musician, has had a love for music and a high amount of respect for the people that make the show possible behind the scenes. Aside from being a musician, he was a community fundraiser and arts administrator for over a decade. Theisen’s vision was to create a space that helps inspire and empower others through learning. This school is a community space where people can come together and learn from other professionals on their journey to becoming an integral part of a production or some future in music.