Banner for Drum Discovery Workshop at El Camino School.

Course Overview

A drummer is the backbone of almost any band or music group in today’s musical landscape. Being “on time” is just a small portion of what makes a successful drummer. The better a drummer can understand their kit and the wide array of options available to them, the better they can take full advantage of their craft. Since everything involved with creating a drummer’s signature sound is subjective, this course is geared towards giving the students access to hearing (and playing) different tuning styles, head & stick selections, kit set-up, etc.

Students will also learn how to do basic drum repair, maintenance and troubleshooting as well as get the chance to refurbish a broken cymbal that they can take home with them.

Course Features

  • Learn a variety of tuning techniques.
  • Experiment with different drum kit setups & materials.
  • Learn drum kit maintenance & repair.
  • Learn proper playing ergonomics.
  • Access a variety of head & stick options.
  • Refurbish broken cymbals/crack repair.

Course Schedule and Pricing

Course Length: One Day (6 Hours Total)
Course Day(s): August 13th, 2022
Course Time(s): 10:00am – 4:00pm
Course Cost: $100.00
Course Sign-Up: Register on Eventbrite