Course Overview

For many musicians, the way their instrument LOOKS is almost as important as the way the instrument SOUNDS. Being able to have a unique identity on stage is a key part of the entire experience and in most cases, the instrument your favorite musician plays is as recognizable as the musician itself.

In this four-day course, we offer you the chance to learn to paint like the professionals through hands-on experience. You will be taught the basic fundamentals you need to get high-end paint finishes on your guitars and basses.

Course Features

  • Learn paint booth knowledge and build options.
  • Learn safety procedures and protocols.
  • Guitar body prep, painting, and finishing techniques.
  • Paint product knowledge.
  • Become familiar with HVLP tools of the trade.
  • Learn the basic fundamentals you’ll need to set up and structure your own paint business.

Course Schedule and Pricing

Course Length: Two Consecutive Weekends (4 Total Days)
Course Day(s): TBA
Course Time(s): 10:00am – 5:00pm
Course Cost: $500.00