Course Overview

Proper care of your stringed instrument is paramount to the longevity of overall performance. In this course, students will learn to identify the needs and benefits of caring for your Floyd Rose-equipped guitar. You will get the chance to apply what you are being taught to your own guitar in a small class environment and be able to take with you the tricks and tips for making the setup process a breeze.

Course Features

  • Learn how to care for and maintain your stringed instrument.
  • Professional walkthrough of the set-up process and its benefits
  • Gain knowledge on using industry-standard tools
  • Learn proper restring techniques
  • Adjust your truss rod and string height
  • Inspection of hardware and addressing points of expected wear.
  • Floating and balancing the bridge.
  • Mechanical breakdown of the bridge and proper intonation procedures.
  • Best practices on fine-tuning system adjustment.
  • Locking nut breakdown and function.
  • Increase the playability and functionality of your instrument
  • Geared toward the hobbyist or working musician.

Course Schedule and Pricing

Course Length: Four Hours
Course Day(s): August 6th, 2023
Course Time(s): 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Course Cost: $150.00
Course Sign-Up: Register on Eventbrite